An ongoing compilation series featuring our favorite tracks from the roster.

AMP 001 – The Brothers Nylon (Remixes)


A collection of remixes in various genres by The Brothers Nylon, a multi-instrumentalist duo from New York.

AMP 002 – RemixSample


Ambient/synthwave tracks taken from RemixSample’s different albums. Based in Sweden, he’s built a significant following through his YouTube page.

AMP 003 – Face Jackson


A South African band that play a variety of genres, from psych-rock to reggae. Face Jackson have a presence in both SA and Thailand.

AMP 004 – Kris Denn


An Estonian guitarist who plays multiple genres from  jazz and soul to Latin and funk. The tracks are taken from Kris Denn’s debut EP.

AMP 005 – Wake Rise Fall


A synthwave/ambient artist based in Michigan. Mostly active on YouTube and Instagram, Wake Rise Fall’s first release will be via our compilation.

AMP 006 – Jon McLaughlin


These tracks were taken from Jon McLaughlin’s first album, released during his university days. He went on to acheive significant commercial success thereafter and is still going strong.

AMP 007 – Oranghaus Records


A collaboration with the record label of Anderson University in Indiana. We picked our favorite tracks from their former students and made them into a compilation. All singer-songwriters.

AMP 008 – Soul’D Out NYC + Aliah Sheffield


A soul ensemble that was based in New York. Formed by Olivier Court and with Aliah Sheffield as the singer. Soul’D Out NYC released two albums, and our compilation features tracks from “Since You’ve Been Around”.

AMP 009 – Heatseeker


A cinematic beatmaker and guitarist from the US, Heatseeker also makes music as The Reverse Will, so we made a compilation using music from both of his monikers.

AMP 010 – Niklas Von Arnold


A Swedish soul-pop singer who achieved success in the early 2010s and went on to release several albums and EPs afterwards.